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The Accidental Swipe

She needs a date to her friend’s gala. He wants someone to grow old with. Are they right for each other?

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I’m Y. M. Nelson (she/her), and I’m based in Charlotte, NC. I write about love, women’s journeys, and amateur DIY.  I also host Nerdy Romantics Podcast, and my alter ego is #WeekendDIYGirl.

Y. M. Nelson

Writer, Podcaster, and DIYer.​

Cinnamon Roll Heroes and Strong complex Heroines

Y. M. Nelson’s books feature strong complex heroines and cinnamon roll heroes with crunchy beta exteriors. And don’t forget witty banter and a penchant for nerd pop culture to make them even more lovable.

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Brandon Finland experiences a Trekkie Convention he’ll never forget when he meets Phoenix, a sexy bit of sunshine in a Lt. Uhura uniform.

Book Cover of Star Date by Y. M. Nelson showing a white man and a Black woman in Star Trek cosplay on a navy background with a starry sky above them.

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