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Secret Second Chances

An Owen and Makayla Retelling


Book Cover with text Secret Second Chances, an Owen and Makayla retelling by Y. M. Nelson. Background of a snow-capped gray mountain behind a steamy lake. Foreground a man with a tattooed shoulder lies in bed

Friends to Lovers
Second Chance Romance
Nerds in Love
Damsel in Distress (not so much)
He Falls First

About The Author

I’m Y. M. Nelson (she/her), and I’m based in Charlotte, NC. I write about love, women’s journeys, and amateur DIY.  I also host Nerdy Romantics Podcast, and my alter ego is #WeekendDIYGirl.

Cinnamon Roll Heroes and Strong complex Heroines

Y. M. Nelson’s books feature strong complex heroines and cinnamon roll heroes with crunchy beta exteriors. And don’t forget witty banter and a penchant for nerd pop culture to make them even more lovable.

Book Cover of Star Date by Y. M. Nelson

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Brandon Finland experiences a Trekkie Convention he’ll never forget when he meets Phoenix, a sexy bit of sunshine in a Lt. Uhura uniform.