Congrats, President Obama!

I am so happy for President Obama!

This man has been handed the US in the worst state it’s been in decades, trying his best to get everything back on track, and at the same time trying to create peace in the most volatile of situations (i.e. Iran, town hall meetings full of ignorant people, joint sessions of Congress), and he’s getting one of many just rewards.

I’m not surprised by the criticism. Being an African-American woman, I see other people do it all the time: underestimating my potential, be appalled that I can achieve, then expect that I must be perfect (otherwise why have a black woman around?) to be deserving. You work your ass off just because that’s what black people are supposed to do and when results are not as fast as expected or as utopian as desired, then we’re deemed lazy or inept. This is the crazy impossible thinking that President Obama’s critics embrace. And this is why they are short-sighted and keep people from progressing and succeeding.

Congratulations, President Obama. We can only imagine how hard your job is, but we are glad you accepted it. You deserve the Nobel Prize!