Jay vs. Conan vs. common sense?

Is it just me, or is the weird move NBC has decided to do in February not making any sense?

If Jay Leno doesn’t have the ratings why not just cancel his show? As  part of the viewing public, I don’t understand why NBC wanted to do this 10:00 stunt anyway. You wanted to take Jay off the Tonight show, I get that. It was the #1 show of late night, but …whatever. So I as a viewer, I watched the last shows of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. I prepared myself for Conan. I said my farewells and acknowledge the passing of the proverbial torch.

And then suddenly Jay is on at 10:00, and I lose my 10:00 favorites: “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, and “Southland”. These are shows that because of their content are better at 10:00 when the little kiddies have gone to bed. And now, they are banished to cable.

In the real world, if people aren’t performing up to the company’s standards, they get fired. (And if they are they still get laid off.) They do not get traded or shuffled. But I guess NBC is not the real world. We’ll probably be seeing Jay until he decides to walk into a club with a concealed weapon and accidentally shoot himself in the leg.

What is the point of watching NBC anymore? Oh yeah, “The Biggest Loser” is pretty good.