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Thanks to some good FB friends for helping me over my writer’s block last Tuesday. The following is an excerpt based on that brainstorm. The main character, Victoria and her boyfriend have just gotten into-and then out of-their first fight, and she decides to journal her feelings.

So I thought I knew what love was. Now, I realize it’s something you feel when you’re a little left of center. You’re paranoid, out of control, and second guessing yourself. Paranoid you’ll never feel this strange feeling for anyone ever again. Out of control as you rearrange your life to revolve around the one you love. Second guessing yourself when you decide to do things like talking and breathing, afraid that saying anything or exhaling will blow the one you love out of your life. Love is dangerous and strange,and once you’ve felt it—necessary.

Michael stirred in his sleep, and Victoria quietly slid the dust-speckled notebook under the bed. She stared at the wall listening to his even breathing until she fell back to sleep.


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