Grammy Show gets it right: Less Awards, More Show

As a writer, I am inextricably drawn to music. There is a connection between writers and musicians that’s only truly felt if you are one of the two. As a writer, music is my catalyst out of a block. The right song helps me to immerse myself in my writing’s mood and tone, making it easier to describe and live in the world of my characters. Music leads me to say what I want to say with the depth of feeling I need to engage my reader.

So it was a joy to watch this year’s Grammy awards.   Grammy has so many categories and gives out dozens of awards during the weekend. Sitting through some stuttering, some half-drunk speeches while going over my to-do list  for the next day is not my idea of a great evening. This year Grammy handed out what I believe is the least number of awards on-screen, leaving most of the 3 1/2 hours for performances of this year’s favorites.

Grammy also kept the “unlikely” duets, although this year they seemed better suited to each other. I think Lady Gaga and Elton John play better together than Stevie Wonder and The Jonas Brothers. And the other performances were like a competition of who could dazzle us more. Pink with the acrobatics, Beyoncé rocking out, testing both voice and hair,  and 3D tributes. (although who bothered to go to Target to pick up glasses?) The musicianship and performance levels were 1-upped this year and kept me watching until the end.

Oh yeah, and some people won awards too.

Grammy keep it up, less on-screen acceptances more reasons to see why these artists are popular.