What do you feel?

Someone asked me this question recently, and I had to tell that person “Something!” It was a positive feeling; I just didn’t know what it was.  Have you ever felt like days are just passing by you, yet you didn’t have any feelings outside of the small victories or irks of a daily routine?

Sometimes I wonder how movies and TV shows know how to portray these grandiose feelings of love and loss and anger. Do people actually feel this extremely about any one or any thing anymore? I can’t remember the last time a huge emotion hit me so hard that my legs crumpled under me. Or when a feeling coursed through my whole being so fiercely that I had to just sit or lay still in reverence and respect?

Are emotions marginalized nowadays? Are they taking a backseat to life struggles, soccer games, and waiting in line for. . .whatever the hot thing is at that moment? And if they are, how am I going to write what I feel when all I feel is “something”?