What do you do when you lose your mind?

I’ve lost my flash drive. Well it’s not exactly lost, it’s more like I left it somewhere accidentally, and now that I’ve looked for it, I realize where it is. It is excruciating to think that I am away from it. I feel my mental capacity to be calm and sane and rational are slowly slipping into the land of the lost. Along with my flash drive. That my information is somewhere I cannot reach makes me think about investing in a cloud or two. Almost. Still not sure about that technology yet.

Thinking about information and access to it got me thinking about in what age did I grow up? What was between the Iron Age and the Information Age in which we now reside? Was it just called the Modern Age? What was so Modern about it–television? I can’t remember my life without the ability to get information whenever I want it. What can I say about THAT age?