Signing up with Twitter

Drunk with sleep, I logged in on my computer to create a Twitter account. In my previous life–the before Twitter life–I mocked people who #anythingandeverything, but now I was about to jump into the fray with them.

It was a pretty smooth set up until I had to pick people and celebrities or television items to follow. Can people block you from following them? I found a few friends but when I tried to add them, nothing happened. Could it be the Twitterverse was playing with me because I had avoided it for so long? Or possibly my Wi-Fi could not handle  the TweetNation in the middle of the night? Whatever the cause, I realized that I didn’t HAVE to add 5 friends and 5 celebrities AND 5 TV shows.

So when I finally saw my Twitter homepage, I breathed a sigh of relief, promptly logged off of my computer, and went to bed. I was now an official newborn Tweet.

I’m apprehensive about putting myself on all these social media platforms. But what’s funny is that I already had accounts on WordPress and Skype. As  a barely published writer, I’ve been aware that social media is the most important and cost effective way to market.  Most sites are free and  easily accessible by almost anyone in the world with the internet. But still it’s the internet. What will happen to my privacy? I have  a piece of tape over my webcam; what happens when I start Skyping?

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One thought on “Signing up with Twitter

  1. Hi, Yvonne:
    You’ll have to peel off that tape to Skype! You can always replace it when you’re done. This is a good first crack at the blog. You have covered the topic well and shared interesting information as well as your important and completely natural reluctance to give up your privacy. Keep that reluctance in mind as you move on. Use it to question what you read, to find theoretical approaches that can fund your intuition. Keep blogging!


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