Week 5 Blog Entry – Vlog and reflection

My first thought looking up the topic of race in the NFL was appreciation of how far it has progressed. There are now 9 black starting quarterbacks in the NFL this season.

But as I read the article I chose about my topic, I thought we really haven’t progressed as far as I thought. Perceptions do become a reality. Stereotypes in football are as homegrown and permanent as a Bradford Pear tree in North Carolina. But the in-depth look at social learning theory and its correlation to the NFL draft made me want to full explore this angle. The fact that the media can subjectively promote racial stereotypes while at the same time vilify overt racism boggles my mind. It’s not a new concept–to speak out of both sides of your mouth, as the saying goes–but it always amazes me when I see it happen

The article and its findings led to my color of the presentation and the choice to put the haunting “Song” by KidStreet as background music. Here, it’s not just about the numbers, but the climate the media has perpetuated.

However, outside of this scavenger hunt I found some promising articles devoted to certain quarterbacks, one of which is black  quarterback Colin Kapaernick, and how these players are changing the perception of what a quarterback should be. Maybe there is hope for the professional football industry to “feel the love.”

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