Week 8 –Reflections on this course

In responding to the digital presentation critiques, I mentioned to Margaret “I am so afraid of putting myself out there that I think I unconsciously chose not to include that experience in my presentation. Now that I’ve seen other presentations, maybe this experience has given me some equipment for living.” From the beginning, I have been hesitant about using technology and fear of invasion of privacy. Though I had a Skype account, I never used it. YouTube was a place to watch the occasional how-to video or music video, not a place for ME to post anything.  But now I’ve learned that I’m a late adopter of these methods of interpersonal communication. I’ve never thought of myself as being on the bottom of the S-curve before.

I appreciate being “around” all of these passionate and real ladies.  It’s a very different dynamic when you are in an English class and see your students apathetic about the work, then coming into a class where everyone is so engaged. Their energy makes you want to be better. I believe many of these ladies aced their Inquiry Projects. They seem to have a grasp oh communications theory and how to apply it–or at least a healthy dose of inquiry which is after all what the project strives to encourage. Overall, I’ve taken from the presentations that it’s okay to get a little personal, because we all had our own reasons for choosing the films we did. From what some of the ladies did with Prezi, I know that I do not have to be a slave to PowerPoint. Angela’s presentation made me see The Shawshank Redemption, a movie with so many obvious levels that by applying these communications theories there are even more levels for certain audiences.  Also, that Zhang et. al’s article had some more direct correlations that I could have used with the data for my movie.

It has been almost a decade since I have dug this deep into theory and application on any subject. With this course, I have learned most of all, that I can do that again, and I can be excited about what I find when I do.

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