Why I don’t want to talk about Ray Rice

I’m a fan of NFL football. But I don’t want to talk about what the NFL is doing about Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson or anyone else’s domestic violence problems off the field. To say that the NFL has issues in how to deal with public relations of its players is a fact that can’t be disputed.

Ultimately, what the public should focus on is that domestic violence happens. And instead of talking about what the NFL should or shouldn’t do to “discipline” its players, take time to help those who are victims of domestic violence. In Charlotte, NC you can give to  Safe Alliance: http://www.safealliance.org/get-involved/wish-list/ or http://www.safealliance.org/get-involved/donate/ . I challenge everyone to put their energy into helping the victims, instead of arguing about the NFL. Debating whether Ray Rice should play or not does little to nothing to help remedy the situations that domestic violence causes.

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