Necessary Change

Sometimes you know deep in your being when you need to change. You get that dreaded feeling Sunday night before a new week. You acquire a leaden stride when you approach the entrance. You feel like you’re being fitted for a straight jacket when you’re starting the day. This is when you know you need to leave.

You also get physical and mental triggers when you are about to embark on a change. You know something you are about attempt is right when everything to prepare for it becomes easy. You’re signaled that it’s right when your vision seems to clear and choices become black and white instead of murky gray. You know you’re headed the right way even when you feel anxiety, because underneath that anxiety is a surety, a sureness, that even nerves cannot shift. These feelings are not just an instinct; they are nature’s way of saying “yes, you’re making the right choice.”

Whenever you take note of these cues, you usually find they do not fail you. Conversely, when you don’t listen to these signals, you’re usually in for a struggle. The need for necessary change is not just a conclusion you come to in your mind; it’s an emotion you feel in your heart, a shudder or chill that flows through your body, an echo into your soul.