Transition Away Forever?

Last night, I dreamed that I helped out a friend that was no longer a friend. You’re probably wondering why: it’s because in the dream he needed help. Oh yeah, and because I’m not a callous, mean person.

In real life, I haven’t seen this former friend in years, and I know he does not need my help with anything. But it made me wonder if I could. Obviously, there’s a real reason why I had to transition away from this person; I don’t burn bridges for no reason. The reason, though, is not important. What is important is how  I feel now. Do I have so much apathy that I wouldn’t help someone in need? Is helping someone from which I’ve transitioned away opening me up to all the hurt and negative feelings again? Do I protect myself by staying away from someone I’ve determined is toxic even though they may need my help? How far is too far? Or is there a “too far” when it comes to my emotions and my sanity?

I found out a few weeks ago, the whole wheat cereal I had introduced in my diet, while helping me health-wise, was hurting me weight-wise. It was opening the door to other carbs by giving me carb cravings I thought I no longer had. Within weeks I was back to old harmful eating habits: sandwiches, starches with every meal, a cookie once or twice a week. Maybe this is what happens with former friends as well. Once we’ve transitioned away from someone, we need to stay away. And call someone else to help.

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