Transitions in Thinking

Today, I made a salary counter offer. It was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever initiated regarding my career. But I knew it was necessary. One of the many things I learned in my past jobs is that I constantly undervalue myself. I assume that my employers will realize what a great find they have and award me fairly. That has not always happened.

However, it’s not always their fault. A company is an entity like you are. It will look out for itself and get the best value it can in all transactions if it is to remain viable. You have to realize that you have that same power, and you have to look at your career in the same fashion. In order to do that, you have to know your worth: not just your worth now, but what you will bring to the table once you fully reach your potential. As long as you are employed by someone, you are an asset to them, because once you become a liability, you will be let go.

For those of us who constantly undervalue ourselves, it can be very uncomfortable realizing just how valuable you are. Recognize and understand that, because you’ve lived in the undervalued life for so long. Then move to a place of acceptance, and look at yourself in a new light of true self-worth. Not just in your work life, but in all aspects of your life.