Time Travel and Treasure

Last night I noticed that most of the science fiction (and some of the drama) I like involves time travel in some way. I’m fascinated by time travel and how going back in time can change the course of your life.

I don’t know why, but this also brought up a dream I regularly have about going on a treasure hunt. Well, not necessarily treasure: it’s more like a scavenger hunt. This time we were looking for plush toy dogs–actually toy dogs of all kinds: wooden, puppets, bobbleheads–and the person who got the most was invited to a special ceremony.

Now, I’m not dream interpreter, so I’m not going to attempt that. But in thinking about time travel and treasure, I’ve realized that times of transition, real-life ones, seem a lot like  that period when someone goes back in time. You’re disoriented, you don’t really fit in, but you know things will turn out fine. Unless you mess it up, then life could shift to another uncharted time-line (and the period of transition could go on forever unless you take hold of your life.)

During times of life transition, we could also feel that desperation and hunger as if we were looking for treasure. We may have a map, or signs to point us to the treasure, but sometimes we don’t have any help. We just know it when we see it.  These “treasure-hunting times” can be harrowing and exciting at the same time. But they should also be fulfilling. If we don’t learn anything on our hunt or find treasure by reaching our goals, then that part of our lives is wasted.

If you’re in a transitional period, it’s easy to sit and do nothing. But think of it as an opportunity: a chance to go back in time to explore your life and find its treasure.