Embrace Transition, Inspire Others

I saw a version of this “Hey Fat Girl” blog post in a group on Facebook and tracked down the original:


Hey Fat Girl Blog

One portion of my transition is physical, so this spoke to me. I encounter a lot of runners when I walk, and I swim (being seen in a bathing suit…yikes!) in a community pool. I’ve felt like I wanted to hide many times.  Very rarely do the people you see acknowledge you. But sometimes they do, and when they do it’s always encouraging. I thought they were saying trying to be funny or condescending. But after reading this, I choose to believe that they are welcoming me or inspired by me.

This doesn’t just apply to physical transformation. Many times, we feel discouraged because we’re doing something risky, or we’re at a place in our lives that  none of our friends may be. Nothing is sure right now, so why broadcast that? We may fail!

But why not broadcast it? You never really know where someone is in his or her own life. They may be looking to you for motivation and inspiration. We can’t hide from life, so why hide from others? This may be your chance to positively influence someone else.