You need a job, not a dream

Recently, I went back through my blog and found this post about quitting a day job to start a writing career.  It got me conversing and thinking deeply  about my current job search and writing career. I’ve had a very emotionally draining last few years,  but they have taught me a lot about what I should be doing for 50+ hours of my week.
I’m a writer. No job that I take can or should keep me from writing.  It’s my calling,  my gift from God,  my thing “I would do for free.” –Steve Wozniak. And that’s why my job search is focused on positions that are writing or editing focused.
I know the corporate world. “This is not my first rodeo” in job search or career reflection. And each time I have to do this, I learn something about corporate America and myself.
I’m not a fool; I know my situation. Chasing a dream doesn’t mean I disregard survival. Bills must be paid, shelter must be maintained, and food must be gathered. If that means I have to take a job on my Plan B or C list, I will. Because nothing can stop me from writing.
I never underestimate myself. No matter what area: flexibility, perseverance, or attaining my goals, I can’t afford to underestimate my power. I can do anything.

Maybe some of these truths can help you make some career decisions (or confirm the decisions you’ve already made). Ultimately, where you choose to go in life is for you to decide. Don’t shortchange yourself.