Starting the New Year with Old Stuff

Every time a new year comes in, I think about –not new beginnings–but old goals, things that I haven’t been working on in a while, projects on which I haven’t made progress.

Sometimes we’re so ready to get rid of the old year, especially if it was a bad one, that we forget our old goals. Last year was not a stellar one for me–a year of transition can be a tumultuous one–but I made some great goals. I want to finish and publish my first novel. I have travel plans, I even have a couple of craft projects I have to complete. Just because it’s a new year, it doesn’t mean that these goals disappear.

In fact, a new year to me means a new opportunity. One in which I can look at something old with fresh eyes, and a renewed motivation. A new year for me doesn’t have to mean a new to-do list, it could just be a new way to complete it.