Thinking too Much?

While I am closer to the end of my career transition each day, I’m always thinking about my life. Not just little things like, what I wear to work or when to run errands, but I’m also contemplating the big things: quality of life, fulfillment of dreams, life-changing choices.

A few months ago, my father passed away. His passing has caused me to think about these big things a lot more and in a way I haven’t before. I’m starting to realize how much more valuable memories are than things. I’m starting to realize how active dreams can easily become deferred dreams, and then, never-realized dreams. I’m starting to realize how much waiting we can’t take out of our lives, and so it’s a crime to make ourselves wait.

All of these realizations have put my brain in overdrive: not just with thinking, but with planning, with resolving. We can’t be pensive to  just be pensive; thinking has a purpose. My dad was a thinker, but he was also a doer. And just like him, I have to put my thoughts into action. That is the only way I can move forward. Whether it’s getting dressed for the day or getting prepared for the years ahead, thinking is only the first step.

Daily Prompt: Pensive