When Trilogies Attack

For a while, I was content to let the characters of my first novel go. I had written what I thought was a satisfying ending, and they could leave me alone to think up new characters.  After all, I had been working with these people for over ten years.

But lately, as I have completed my second batch of rewrites and started to shop this first novel to agencies and publishers, I realize that these characters have more to say.  They are the little nagging voices in the back of my mind reminding me that there’s something left to do.

“But I can’t sell three novels worth of you,” I say to those characters. “It’s hard enough getting one novel’s worth of your drama sold.”

“Ahh, but you underestimate us,” the characters reply. “We have lots more interesting stuff to do and say. People are going to want to read this stuff.”

And so goes the attack of the trilogy. It’s a miniature assault, but it’s effective. And now, I’ve got to get back to my outlines and plot charts before they really do some damage. 🙂

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