Reflections on the Journey

For the past several years, my career and my life has been one of transition: going from writer-in-my-head (and to a few friends)  with a day job to struggling novelist with a day job to unpublished novelist and adjunct English instructor to struggling novelist with a day job and adjunct English Instructor.

I never thought the journey to finding a fulfilling career would be one the would branch into distinct paths (one path=fulfillment, one path=career, one path=fulfilling career) or include teaching. It’s been a learning-by-doing-experience with a roller-coaster like quality. I’ve had a lot of wonderful moments and very difficult moments, but I’ve rarely had a dull moment on this journey.

I’m still on this transition, and I think my actualization will be an internal one: whenever I feel that “I have arrived,” then I can can say the transition period is over. But along the way, I will continue to update you with my insights on career change, my insights on being an author, and my feelings about the world that is the writer’s subject. Hopefully, you’ve learned and will continue to learn something that can better your own situation–whether you are a writer or in the middle of a career change or life change–from my experiences.  I’m a woman writer in transition, and I have a unique perspective on life change, writing, and career transition. I’m continuing to learn to embrace change, and I hope you are too.