Cowardice and Limitations

While we are shying away from the things that make us feel cowardly, we are missing out on making a new friend, having an adventure, or just learning something new. Growth does not happen in the midst of cowardice.  Instead it limits us and our potential.

I often feel cowardice the most when I have to deal with social situations (or in fact any situation where I have to meet new people). I’ve spent a lot of years being alone because I’ve been a coward. By throwing off the cowardly feelings and experiencing something new, I’ve managed to have some good times and meet some great people who have become friends.

Fear and cowardice are not the same thing. A respect for fear can be healthy, but allowing cowardice to root into our personalities is neither healthy nor productive. Only when we can overcome cowardice can we understand the value of a respect for fear. Only then can we grow.

Daily Prompt: Cowardice