Looking for A Few Good . . . Editors

In my search for an agent and research into self-publishing, one tip I have consistently found has been to find a good editor. While I think I’m a good editor, I don’t trust myself to edit my own work when it comes to the big things.

I also know there are several subscribers and other viewers out there who edit professionally or who need an editor. Please share in the comments below if you’re:

1) looking for a book editor and what type of book you need editing
2) if you are a book editor and what type of books you will edit. (I do not endorse anyone; I’m just providing a platform.)

Let’s get a conversation going!

2 thoughts on “Looking for A Few Good . . . Editors”

  1. I don’t fit 1) or 2), but I hope I can leave a comment anyway because I really wanted to share a crucial piece of advice:

    While readers say that they hate typos and grammar mistakes, they will buy books riddled with them, books that have the most horrid, stilted prose imaginable … if the story and voice and characters hook them. I’m not saying you should shoot for typos and horrible prose, but please keep in mind that the important part of selling books is making sure that your story and voice and characters connect with your readers.

    It’s easy to find an editor who can correct grammar and make your prose better. It’s much, much harder to find an editor who can help you connect with your readers. My single best piece of advice that I can give you on editing is to keep searching for an editor who can help you with these things.

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