NaNo 2016 – The Aftermath

Well, I wasn’t a winner of NaNo (for those uninformed, you have to write 50,000 words of your original novel during November 1-30 to be a winner), but I was continually inspired all month. Virtual Write-Ins again (like with CampNaNo) continue to be my favorite part of the month.  It is during the Virtual Write-Ins where I am forced to think about my characters in a different way, to re-imagine plot lines, or to come up with new plot lines.

But even more importantly, with Virual Write-Ins, I feel like what I’m doing matters. There has been publishing success with some NaNo books. Also, I feel at home among the “crazies.” Novel writers are imaginative, a little surreal, and a lot off their respective rockers, sometimes. It’s a wonderful place to be (at least for me). When you’re writing a 10 minute sprint about #blobby the stuffed dragon, you’re excited about it, and everyone writing with you is excited…well, you know you’re home.

So, if there are two lessons learned from this experience (borrowing from my alter ego Weekend DIY Girl), they are to 1) keep writing and 2) find a community that supports you.