Writing Insight- December: Self-Publishing-An Indie Author’s Journey Begins

So I’ve decided – while wading through the overwhelming research and my many rejection letters and emails – to self-publish my first book. Partly, it’s to get the first book out there: it’s the first in an as-of-now trilogy, and the second one is outlined and 1/4 written. Partly, it’s to really see what I can do, even in a “saturated market” like women’s fiction. And of course, part of it is because I’m a writer at heart.

Ironically, the first piece of advice I read after making this decision was about patience:

“I strongly recommend resisting the urge to publish your first work as quickly as possible. Rather, proof it, reread it, get comments, proof it again, and devise a pre- and post-publishing marketing plan.”  (-self-published author Ben Batchelder from Drucilla Shultz’s “Don’t Be Discouraged: Tips from an Indie Author” PW column.)

So I’m going to look at this journey as if I were planning a wedding. I may not get to plan my own wedding (sorry, Mom), so this is the next best thing. Or rather this is the first best thing. I mean anyone can get married; but not just anyone can write a good book and publish it. 🙂

Daily Prompt: Construct


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