It’s here! The eStory, the Novel Series Wind-down, The Fear

It’s weird: the feeling of fear mixed with excitement and anxiety I felt this morning when I received the following 2 emails:

Dear Y. M.,

Per your request, we’re writing to notify you someone has purchased your book:

Congratulations! Your pre-order book “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” is live in the Kindle Store and it is available* for customers to purchase here. Customers who pre-ordered your book have been informed of the delivery of the content.

It’s almost indescribable. Today feels like any other day, except now I’m a published author. Wow.  (I want to jump up and shout, but I think that would be frown up at my day job.)

After the feeling, the questions rush into my consciousness: will people like it? will people want more of my writing? will anyone care? what the heck am I doing? It’s a barrage of doubtful questions that then incites the fear–of acceptance, of under achievement, of recognition  even. Now that I’ve published something, now what?

One moment of glee before the doubt rushes in. This is what a writer feels like. Now, on to my meeting with my novel cover designer.


“Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” is available now!

*****Thanks to everyone that already purchased “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom.” Please don’t forget to review the novel on whatever platform you purchased it and/or Goodreads, especially if you liked it! This keeps me writing and my new books coming your way.