April Madness

I have been (and probably will be until May 15) MIA for  the last two weeks of March and most if not all of April on my blogs and social media. I promise I haven’t abandoned you! I’ve been super busy with . . . well, everything.

  • April 2 – Deadline for a publishing contest: I had just gotten back 2 beta reads and was about to go into edits to self-publish when I saw one of my dream associations (the #WomensFictionWritersAssociation ) was having a contest. So the last two weeks of March was a mad rush to implement beta suggestions and do some copy editing on Book One’s manuscript.
  • April 1-30 – CampNanoWriMo: After my contest submission went in for book one, I havd to switch gears and focus on adding to my word count for Book Two, I.e. my project for April’s camp NaNoWriMo.
  • DIY Project Pile up: I’ve got a massive project pile up  of DIY and crafting projects I have yet to start or finish. Two of my crafting projects are on sale on Etsy right now. All of them will be featured on my Weekend DIY Girl blog.
  • Life stuff: 2 jobs, grading papers, pollen and spring showers, and spring cleaning for a yard sale. Somewhere along the way, I may try sleeping.

It’s been madness! I’ll be back in earnest in May. In the meantime, I’ll keep you as updated as I can.

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