Something new (aka Why Am I Scared?) – Your input needed

Readers, I need your help. I’m feeling a build up of apprehension and anxiety today. It’s stupid; I have no idea why. I’ve decided to do 2 things (well, completely decided 1, and almost decided 1):

  1. I’m going to move my website to here. (That’s completely decided. It’s just daunting the volume of work I’ll need to do. Money may be involved at some point. *sheesh*)
  2. I’m thinking about writing a free episodic story available here. This is the thing I need your help with.  First, what would you want to read? I’ve got a few avenues I want to explore, but I can’t decide on what to explore. You’re the readers; what do you want?

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 Second, the interface. Let me know if you can easily access the following below (at the end of the post). UPDATED INTERFACE

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