So I’m stuck on the concept of a book trailer…

And I credit Chris Murphy @wwwwewriters for getting this wheel turning in my brain again. (I had put the idea aside, because I thought it was too early to start thinking about a trailer. Turns out it’s really not.)

So, I’ll make this a free promotion space. Just for this post. If anyone has any book trailers online, (especially self-made ones –i.e. Amateur), post the link in the comments below! Yes, free advertisement space!

Readers, feel free to discover new books and new authors via their book trailers!

5 thoughts on “So I’m stuck on the concept of a book trailer…”

  1. After sustaining a serious injury, Santa needs the help of four elves, four reindeer, and one magical jet to complete his Christmas Eve deliveries or he loses the gift of being Santa.

    Thanks for allowing the post!

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