#MyTinderSeries: The Men of Tinder (or what the heck is this place?)

I am fully aware that Tinder is known as a hook-up app. So I know that the men I match with may not be exactly what I’m looking for (like, single or literate). I know that it’s is not eHarmony or even a Match.com, both of which I have tried. But some days on here, I actually miss the BlackVoices.com chat rooms (which were more than racy after 10:00).

There is a lot of weirdness in the world, and I think a lot of it has found it’s way on Tinder. When has a close up selfie of a guy with his eyes wide and a snarl on his face ever been attractive? What the heck are you trying to do, scare someone into dating you?

I’ve seen several pics like this. One guy looked like a member of Kiss. Another guy was posed with life-sized cutouts of Kiss. But that’s the beginning of the weirdness.

So, there’s the confusing weird. One guy: the first picture was him with a deer. A dead deer. Hanging off the back of his truck. I know I’m in the South, but still. This is supposed to be a dating site. Not finding a buddy with a kickass deerblind site. Finding love over a deer carcass. I just can’t see it.

There’s the oh-yeah-THAT-guy weird. One guy’s profile said he was into football, BDSM, and polyamory. Nice. (Not.) I mean, really? That profile just reminded me of where I was. I’m not at a church picnic or being set up on a blind date by well-meaning friends. I’m going to have to wade through some muck to find what I want.

And then, there’s the reverse-psychology weird lines like “let’s destroy each other,” and “go ahead, swipe right, you’ll never talk to me anyway,” and “I’m all wrong for you. I’m short, and I live with my mother.” Hmm, that last one may be true. I should swipe left, just in case it is.

But there are also some normal guys on Tinder. Those are the ones trying to get you to follow them on IG, or come to a party/event, or have 4 or 5 jobs and a few kids and still think they can make time for you. Um. yeah.

I only need to find one good one. I can do that! Right?


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