Isn’t that redundant? Well… kind of and emphatically not.  There are a lot of tools, services, and companies offering products to writers, specifically to indie authors.  But most are new not tested, and some even border on scamming hopeful authors.

So I guess the term I’m looking for is more like Beta Tester. In any case, my next themed blog adventure will be researching, testing, and reviewing products and services that writers want to know about. If you have a product, service, or writing tool that you want me to review, please put it in the comments below. If my budget can handle it, I may test it, if it looks/breathes/acts like a scam; I’m not going to even attempt it.  My first services/products I’ll be trying out are book Marketing, but feel free to comment with any other writing-related software/service/hardware that you have been curious about. Find these posts here or on my social media feeds with the #TestWriter

Looking forward to testing what’s out there!