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Friday Fun Review: ” More Than Love You” by Shayla Black

More Than Love You (More Than Words, #3)More Than Love You by Shayla Black
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

More Than Love You is the 3rd in Shayla Black’s More Than Words series, and it is just as intense as the rest. I think it’s even better.

We’re following little sister Harlow Reed, another dysfunctional kid of the villainous Barclay Reed. Harlow’s housesitting a newly purchased mansion until its owner Noah Weston shows up. But when he does, sparks fly. Unfortunately, both of them have issues to work out: Harlow’s wedding that wasn’t has now gone viral, and Noah’s cause for early retirement may derail his second career in sportscasting. Can they help each other through their issues and get together in the process?

I knew I was going to love Harlow’s story when she popped up in Book 2. Harlow is a spitfire, an independent spirit, and comfortable in her own skin. She’s an awesome heroine!

But little did I know that Noah would garner my love as well. He is the perfect guy to corral Harlow (because no one can tame her), and make her realize that she needs love like everyone else. This is definitely NSFW, as this couple can’t keep their hands off each other.

I love that this story shows what traumatic brain injury can do to someone. I am a big pro football fan, so I’m glad there’s another voice speaking up for the players (even if it is in a romance novel!) Though you currently can’t officially diagnose CTE except during an autopsy, the symptoms can be recognized and treated, and with the right therapies, people can live their lives.

I again listened to this audiobook with Christian Fox narrating and am again amazed at his skill. My guess was right; most of the story was told from Noah’s perspective, even though Harlow is the Reed sibling. I think that helped me like him even more.

Evan’s book is still my fave (Book 4 More Than Crave You ), but now I think this one was a very close second. (book 2 dropped to 3rd place.) Either way, this is one steamy read with a lot of drama. Gotta love this series!

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