Help me pick a podcast theme song!

I have finally made the decision to start a podcast. And I’ve narrowed down my theme song to 4 possible choices. Will you help me pick the right one? Vote today!


The Nerdy Romantics Podcast is all about fans of that place where Nerdy and Romantic meet! This is for readers of nerdy (read: superheroes, sci-fi, fantasy, literary women’s fic) and romantic (romance, romcom, and chick-lit) novels. As host, I will review NR books I’ve read, we’ll talk tropes and other nerdy romantic media (think: Netflix RomComs and Hallmark movies and the occasional Star Trek reboot), interview some great authors, and maybe even read some stuff ( think “Read Me Romance” podcast).

WITH THAT IN MIND: Help me pick a podcast theme song! While we may get sexy from time to time, most of our discussion will be fun, light, funny, and nerdily cool. ( Is that a thing?) Choose the song you like the most from the choices below.

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