Crushing Hard on Star Trek: Picard–AGAIN

Episode 4.2 of the Nerdy Romantics Podcast is all about #StarTrekPicard. In Part 2, I talk about some of the many Easter Eggs she found poignant from Episode 7 of the newest series in the Star Trek franchise. (Part 2 of 2) (SPOILERS)

Included in the podcast, I nerd out about:

  • Deanna and Riker and their daughter
  • Lt. Commander Data and his ever-present persona throughout
  • Things that kind of bug me about Star Trek
    • Fire in space
    • Picard being inhabited
    • Is Data immortal?

Check out this podcast episode, and share your favorite Star Trek Picard Easter eggs in the comments!

You can find Star Trek Picard on CBS All Access (I’m not paid to endorse them or Star Trek: Picard. I just love the show).

Theme Song: “Feeling of Sunlight” by Danosongs (licensed use)