Friday Fun Reviews: “The Accidental Senator” by Laura Heffernan

For those who’ve been reading my reviews, you’ll probably notice the tone of this one is different than my usual review. It’s funny! That’s probably due to being on some of the same social media networks as Laura Heffernan, author of The Accidental Senator. She’s a snarky, funny woman, and when I read this novel, I definitely heard her voice and channeled it for my review. It happens. And it makes for one enjoyable review. :)

The Accidental Senator (Push and Pole, #2)The Accidental Senator by Laura Heffernan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Premise What happens when a lawyer-turned write-in candidate actually becomes a state senator? Lana Chen was supporting her best friend’s campaign for Senate. Now she’s found herself occupying the seat. Don’t worry, there’s no hard feelings between the friends. But there are some hard feelings between Lana’s new mentor (Jason) and a certain lobbyist who’s caught Lana’s eye (Steve). And with a jumble of congressional bills on her desk and a crucial vote coming up, can Lana swim these political waters safely?

The story/The characters
I know, I know I know. You probably don’t want to read about people in government taking stances and debating on issues right now. Especially after the violence in the Capitol only a week or so ago (Jan 6, 2021). But this chicklit read is worth it.
No surprise that the main character is a Democrat–if you follow Laura Heffernan on Twitter, well let’s just say she’s not pro-GOP right now. It’s the thing you most want to know in a story with characters in the government, but it never really is the point is it? It’s so beside the point. You’ll quickly realize it’s more about whether your public servants are good stewards or bad ones, no matter what their political leaning.

And Lana does her best to be the Senator her constituents hoped for and need. And what a way she does it! To be someone who takes pole fitness, Lana is adorably clumsy and funny in other situations. Right away, I loved Lana. She would fit right in with those characters from Clueless if they had done a Clueless 10 years later edition. So, not like those boring people on CSPAN. Oops, those are real Congresspersons.

Lana and Jason are so unbelievably cute together (even though readers know it before Lana does).
And while I’m always about the romance, the stronger story is how Lana took a job she wasn’t prepared for, and tackled it, and won. And found out a little something about herself in the process. (icing!)

The Writing
So now I guess I should be writerly. Fine. The pacing of this one is amazing. I don’t usually talk about that, but I really appreciate when a book is a page-turner because you’re so engrossed in the story, not because you want to skim to get to the good part. In fact, if you skim, you’re going to miss something here. This story moves, baby! The language is approachable, despite being a book full of lawmakers and lawyers who tend to bloviate, (hey, I didn’t even have to look that word up!) and the antics are funny. And even though I’m not one for physical humor even the scene on the Senate floor was funny. (You’ll know the one)

If I still haven’t convinced you to pick up this book (you really should), read some of Laura Heffernan‘s other books. And then put this one (and part 1) in your TBR list for calmer political times.

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