“Rock the Curves” by Twyla Turner hits the right notes

Nerdy Romantics Podcast gets a group discussion going on Episode 5, which looks at the novel Rock the Curves by Twyla Turner. In this book review and discussion, Y. M. Nelson is joined by fellow Nerdy Romantics readers Dana and Staci from YouTube’s L-5 Podcast to review what they liked…and didn’t like about the interracial romance novel with a plus-sized heroine.

This episode contains book spoilers.

We discuss:

  • The cover (which is what led me to the book. )
  • Lyris as plus-sized heroine
  • Gage as a good guy and formerly plus-sized hero
  • Lyris’ insecurities with fame, social media, and dating “out of your league”
  • Interracial romance novels in general

Other authors and books mentioned on this episode include

  • Stephen King
  • Ida B. Wells (Ida B. Wells-Barnett)
  • Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff (This is a Bookshop.org link. As an affiliate, I will receive monetary compensation for purchases from this link.)
  • Dean Koontz
  • John Saul
  • Theodora Taylor (Alien Overlords series)

Rock the Curves by Twyla Turner is available now on Amazon in eBook and paperback and in Kindle Unlimited. (This link is not an affiliate link. I do not get paid for any clicks to purchase from this link.)

The L-5 Movie Podcast episodes are available on YouTube. Subscribe by going to their channel. (Click photo for link).

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