Friday Fun Review: “Painted” (Deluxe Edition) by Lucky Daye

No, you are not in an alternate universe, I am reviewing an album. I’m actually just flat out recommending it.

As an author and creative I make playlists for every novel, I have a general writing playlist, and I play music when I’m crafting (and usually singing along, but that’s another story for another day). So, I’m always looking for music that influences or provides certain moods. A lot of times I’ve found new music from movies or shows that have some of the same themes as I’m writing. Or just good stuff.

I realized I found 2 songs by one artist–Lucky Daye–and put them on the same novel playlist (my current WIP Book 2 in the Accidental Series). One from a TV show, one from a movie I watched several months later. I had to find out who Lucky Daye was. Painted (Deluxe Edition) has both of these songs on it. It’s his 2nd of 3 albums, the most recent being Table for Two.

Listening to Painted is like taking a trip through soulful R&B from the seventies to now. “Real Games” is that laidback 70s R&B, “Paint It” and “Try Your Fire” evokes that fun 80s R&B feeling, “Shoulda” is an awesome remix of a popular 90s hit, and “Floods” is 21st century R&B with a little Houston chopped “icing” for street cred. Daye even gives us Mingus-esque/”Love Jones” vibes on “Misunderstood”.

It’s been a while since I’ve wanted to buy a soul R&B album and just listen all the way through. And as much as I appreciate those overseas efforts to move “new” R&B to the forefront (where it should be), I have a feeling of ownership for soul R&B. (This my opinion, and as an opinion, it’s as valid as anyone else’s.) The most authentic version of true soulful R&B to me is American, Black, and swimming in emotional ups and downs. And Painted by Lucky Daye has that.

Check it out on Spotify. Then go buy it.

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