In part 2 of the Nerdy Romantics chat about Netflix’s Bridgerton, the group talks about the wonderful characters and the funny scenes they loved about the show. (In other words, some of what we really wanted to talk about!) Nerdy Romantic Marcie joins Staci and Dana (permanent guests of the L-5 Podcast on YouTube) in part 1 of this show chat.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • The fascinating Fetheringtons and Marina Thompson (the houseguest)
  • The men of Bridgerton. Do guys like how they’re represented?
  • Funny scenes and hilarious characters

Bridgerton is based on the romance story series series by Julia Quinn (available now at most book stores). The first season is inspired by The Duke and I which you can purchase here. *

Neither Nerdy Romantics Podcast or its guests are affiliated with Netflix, or the show Bridgerton, or any of its affiliated companies.

Check out the L-5 Podcast on YouTube (Click the logo to visit the L-5 Podcast channel.)

Can’t find the Nerdy Romantics Podcast?

Listen now BELOW!

*I am an affiliate of I will receive a small commission for any purchases made using my link above.

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