“Chats With the Author” is here!

In case you didn’t know, I have a Facebook Group for my Nerdy Romantics fans and newsletter subscribers. We used to have book discussions, but our best discussion we had was with Talia Hibbert on her book Get a Life Chloe Brown. Yes! Talia Hibbert chatted with us!

I wanted to bring that same great discussion back, so next month I will be revamping the book discussions in the group. It will now be called “Chats with the Author”  and instead of just us talking about a book, I’ll invite the author to come tell us what they think.

I asked for author suggestions, and one of our nerdy romantics in the group, @JessieMarie suggested having Camille Baker talk about her debut romance novel Have We Met? Well, Camille said yes!

Camille Baker talks about Have We Met? her debut novel

Chats with the Author (a book club with the author)
December 14, 2021
7:00 PM ET
FB Live (Nerdy Romantics FB Group)

The only way to see this interview and post your own questions is to join the FB Group. Remember, you must answer all the questions to gain entry

What else do we do there? FB Group members are the first to see new release covers, they help with my works in progress, and there’s #MCM or Man Candy Monday (No explanation needed … 😍😍😍) among other things. So join us!

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