Writers writing about writers

You would think there’s something almost egotistical about writers who write about writers. But then, if you’ve ever met a writer, you would know that isn’t true. Writers are right up there with comics as the most self-deprecating people you could ever meet.  Also, we’re a little on the unhinged side (well, the good ones of us are.)

Being a writer and trying to get our work out there is an exercise in trial, struggle, and pain.  It usually involves gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. Most of the times it involves some kind of addiction which we then have to try to balance on top of the piles of rejection letters we get. In almost all cases, writers are being verbally pummeled, criticized, devalued, or–as in the case of every Oscars broadcast I’ve ever seen–made fun of for their contributions to society.

If a writer chooses to write about writing, (or being a writer) it’s not out of ego. Sometimes it’s about wish fulfillment: we want our careers to be smooth with everyone praising our latest work, long lines and sold out presales of our books, and signings where our fingers ache from signing instead of our hearts from no one attending. Sometimes, it’s just to tell the non-writing world what being a writer is like. Sometimes it’s a warning to other non serious writers that your possibility of insane billionaire success would be higher if you fell off a pile of books on YouTube and got a reality TV show deal instead of writing one.

But I guess in a screwed up kind of way, all of that really IS the ego talking.

A great organization to support

Black Girls Rock promotes positive images of black women in the media.


I agree with Stephen: Stephanie Meyer can’t write.

The comment was made in a Feb. 2009 USA Weekend article by Stephen King:

“Both Rowling and Meyer, they’re speaking directly to young people. … The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can’t write worth a darn. She’s not very good.”

If you have not actually read the books (by either author), please don’t comment. If you don’t remember or care about what you learned in English class throughout school, please don’t comment. King is referring to the craft and art of writing. These include things, like basic grammar, and how to structure a sentence. And Stephanie Meyer is bad at that. She has awkward sentence structure, she uses an adjective or an adverb every third word. Even from a story point of view she’s not a very good writer. If you’re a 17-year old (and I was not too long ago), you’re going to talk differently than someone who’s older, maybe has a college degree. You’re going to have a different point of view, a different tone, even a different style of speaking. These things if done correctly, can really bring a reader into the characters world, make the story that much more relateable, easier to understand. I might have actually liked Bella a lot more if Meyer could have written her better. But then again, i guess I’m not the target audience so…..
But then again, I’m not the target audience for JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series either, and I really enjoyed those novels. Might have had something to do with the writing…..

Basically, there is a difference between telling a story and writing. She may be able to weave an entertaining yarn, but she “can’t write worth a darn.”

Grammy Show gets it right: Less Awards, More Show

As a writer, I am inextricably drawn to music. There is a connection between writers and musicians that’s only truly felt if you are one of the two. As a writer, music is my catalyst out of a block. The right song helps me to immerse myself in my writing’s mood and tone, making it easier to describe and live in the world of my characters. Music leads me to say what I want to say with the depth of feeling I need to engage my reader.

So it was a joy to watch this year’s Grammy awards.   Grammy has so many categories and gives out dozens of awards during the weekend. Sitting through some stuttering, some half-drunk speeches while going over my to-do list  for the next day is not my idea of a great evening. This year Grammy handed out what I believe is the least number of awards on-screen, leaving most of the 3 1/2 hours for performances of this year’s favorites.

Grammy also kept the “unlikely” duets, although this year they seemed better suited to each other. I think Lady Gaga and Elton John play better together than Stevie Wonder and The Jonas Brothers. And the other performances were like a competition of who could dazzle us more. Pink with the acrobatics, Beyoncé rocking out, testing both voice and hair,  and 3D tributes. (although who bothered to go to Target to pick up glasses?) The musicianship and performance levels were 1-upped this year and kept me watching until the end.

Oh yeah, and some people won awards too.

Grammy keep it up, less on-screen acceptances more reasons to see why these artists are popular.

Excerpt from my novel

Thanks to some good FB friends for helping me over my writer’s block last Tuesday. The following is an excerpt based on that brainstorm. The main character, Victoria and her boyfriend have just gotten into-and then out of-their first fight, and she decides to journal her feelings.

So I thought I knew what love was. Now, I realize it’s something you feel when you’re a little left of center. You’re paranoid, out of control, and second guessing yourself. Paranoid you’ll never feel this strange feeling for anyone ever again. Out of control as you rearrange your life to revolve around the one you love. Second guessing yourself when you decide to do things like talking and breathing, afraid that saying anything or exhaling will blow the one you love out of your life. Love is dangerous and strange,and once you’ve felt it—necessary.

Michael stirred in his sleep, and Victoria quietly slid the dust-speckled notebook under the bed. She stared at the wall listening to his even breathing until she fell back to sleep.


Jay vs. Conan vs. common sense?

Is it just me, or is the weird move NBC has decided to do in February not making any sense?

If Jay Leno doesn’t have the ratings why not just cancel his show? As  part of the viewing public, I don’t understand why NBC wanted to do this 10:00 stunt anyway. You wanted to take Jay off the Tonight show, I get that. It was the #1 show of late night, but …whatever. So I as a viewer, I watched the last shows of “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. I prepared myself for Conan. I said my farewells and acknowledge the passing of the proverbial torch.

And then suddenly Jay is on at 10:00, and I lose my 10:00 favorites: “Law and Order: Criminal Intent”, and “Southland”. These are shows that because of their content are better at 10:00 when the little kiddies have gone to bed. And now, they are banished to cable.

In the real world, if people aren’t performing up to the company’s standards, they get fired. (And if they are they still get laid off.) They do not get traded or shuffled. But I guess NBC is not the real world. We’ll probably be seeing Jay until he decides to walk into a club with a concealed weapon and accidentally shoot himself in the leg.

What is the point of watching NBC anymore? Oh yeah, “The Biggest Loser” is pretty good.

A truthful look at the wonderful and neglected African-American woman

This is a very truthful and interesting look at African-American women in relationships. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCoI-B9AYjs&feature=youtube_gdata