Friday Fun Reviews

What are Friday Fun Reviews?

Friday Fun Reviews are .gif happy reviews where I extol the virtues of a book I’ve read that I love.

Genres Reviewed

While some of my Friday Fun reviews go outside these genres somewhat, it’s usually because I’ve read a book I like, not because I’m seeking them out. So, please note the genres and the demographics. My readers and listeners are not YA or younger, so I don’t usually review books that are YA.

*all ADULT genre categories

  • Romance (subgenres include: rom-coms, contemporary romance, paranormal, fantasy romance, sci-fi romance, some historical)
  • Chicklit and women’s fiction with romantic elements (some call it relationship fiction–to me that’s a broader category, but whatever)
  • Fantasy: see my review for Bethanie Devors’ Seadrassian Chronicles
  • Sci-Fi

For a review: Fill out the contact request form below with: your name, email, the book’s info, dates of release or marketing campaign dates . If I choose to review, I will request an ARC (scroll down to the “Arc formats” section.) I read and review and decide if I want to do a Friday Fun Review on a book, which means it’s usually 4 stars or more. I don’t publish reviews 2 stars or under for someone who’s requested a review from me. Friday Fun Reviews are a Goodreads review that I post to my blog and send to my Nerdy Romantics Newsletter subscribers (and advertise on social media). To see examples, go to

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