The Accidental Proposal

Paperback book. On the cover is a man standing with arms crossed in front of him against a green background. Text in front of him reads "The Accidental Proposal, Accidental Lovers, Book 2, Y. M. Nelson"

He wants to fix things. She wants him to choose.

Jason Reed, aka “Emo” to his college buddies, has been on a never-ending quest for the perfect woman. Now, he’s finally found her in Fortune Edwards. He’s head over heels, dreaming of a future where she’s wearing his ring. But before they can take that step, there’s a small matter of introducing her to his friends.

Fortune’s totally into Jason, but she’s not exactly thrilled about meeting his buddies formally, especially after she had to give one of them a piece of her mind (or rather, a kick where it counts). Yeah, Seth deserved it, but it’s more than just a bruised “ego.” Seth’s a racist bully intent on vilifying Fortune and breaking up her and Jason’s “unnatural” relationship.

As friendships get tested, and emotions run high, Jason’s desire to fix things only drives a wedge between him and Fortune. Can he mend the rifts and salvage both his friendships and his budding romance? Or will he have to make the ultimate choice between old friends and the promise of a future with Fortune?

Jason and Fortune must navigate the challenges of prejudice and learn the true meanings of friendship and of standing by the one you love if their relationship can survive.

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9987837-1-0
eBook ISBN: 978-0-9987837-0-3
Pages: 304 (print), 268 (eBook)
Planned Release date: June 25, 2024
Publisher: One Creative Summer Press


3-D version of The Accidental Swipe by Y. M. Nelson paperback book

About the book

Plus-sized Fortune Edwards is a boss. Well, everywhere except her love life, in which she’s reduced to stalking her crush Graham at the grocery store he manages. So, when her best friend suggests she use the body-positive dating app SwipeMatch to find an escort for his charity gala, she reluctantly agrees. When Fortune swipes right on a profile with a group photo that includes Graham and matches, she couldn’t be happier.  But the profile belongs to construction manager–and hottie–Jason Reed. Could he be the perfect gala escort? Or is he like every other guy she’s dated–ashamed to be seen with her?

Jason Reed goes through first dates like water, dating an endless string of women since his last failed long-term relationship. How can he manage a team of rowdy construction workers but can’t find the right woman? To stop his “emo” ranting, his friends dare him to find, match, and date a woman off some plus-size dating app. When he finds Fortune, he thinks he’s won the dare and maybe won at love. But she’s hung up on some ball, and he’s thinking long-term. Not to mention, she had a crush on his best friend, Graham. “Operative word ‘had’,” she says. Okay.

If Fortune doesn’t raise her “low expectations” of men, and Jason can’t overcome past hurts and caution, they may lose a chance at a real connection.

Between spicy ramen, arcade games, and bar fights, online dating has never been this complicated. Or this fun.

Published by: One Creative Summer Press
Release Date: July 25, 2023
Pages: 270 (pback) 258 (kindle)
Paperback ISBN13: 9780998783765
eBook ISBN13: 9780998783758

Secret Second Chances

An Owen & Makayla Retelling

Owen and Makayla’s love is on the line when a former business partner threatens to sabotage their second chance.

Owen Maubry is a part owner of an IT service business. Scratch that: was a part owner. Now he’s locking horns with his ex-partner Devon and fighting for his reputation and his freedom. But when Makayla, his college bestie and former flame, walks back into his life, he’s reminded of the fire that still burns between them.

Makayla Stanford’s life hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, either. She’s been on a fruitless quest for love and career fulfillment, all the while suppressing her feelings for Owen. She insists her singledom isn’t because her friendship with Owen ended with unresolved feelings and resentment at his ex-fiancée Veronica. Even though they’ve gone their separate ways, memories and secrets of her time with Owen continue to echo in her mind, coloring every date she’s been on since then.

As their twenty-year college reunion approaches, they have a chance to rekindle their friendship and explore love once again. But Owen’s battle with Devon is getting in the way of pursuing things with Makayla. With Devon breathing down their necks and threatening their lives, Owen must decide whether to give in or fight for his heart’s desire.

For fans of:

  • friends to lovers romance
  • second chance romance
  • romantic suspense with a little bit of comedy
  • a clumsy rescue of a not-so-helpless “damsel in distress”
  • steamy love scenes
  • forty-something singles being … forty-something


A Trekkie Romance Story

Star Date (not too distant future)

Brandon is a diehard Trekkie. He’s watched every Star Trek movie and franchise episode multiple times, he has several collectible cosplay uniforms in his closet—Will Riker’s being his favorite, and he’s been to dozens of conventions. But he’s never met—or fought with—anyone like Phoenix before.

Phoenix is looking forward to her first Star Trek convention—until she meets Brandon. He’s nothing like the Riker character she loves to hate: he’s combative, socially awkward, and off-putting. But he’s so adorable.

Phoenix and Brandon keep running into each other, each time more heated than the next. With three days of convention to get through, will they get past the hostility and find what they know is there—attraction and perhaps even love?

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