ANNOUNCEMENT about “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”:

I have decided to do a PART TWO in Owen & Makayla’s story because of the positive word of mouth feedback I’ve received (and because you want more!)

But I need your help! Because I’m in the drafting stages, I can include more of what you liked about the story, (leave out what you didn’t like) and maybe answer some questions you have about the characters. But without a review, I don’t know these things!

Added bonus: The first TEN (10) HONEST reviewers of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” on Goodreads —  or Amazon will receive a free digital copy of the next installment! (1 copy per REVIEWER, not per review.) CLICK HERE to post a link to your review, or post your review link on our Facebook Page !

“Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” is available!

What would you do if you found out today was your last day of freedom? Newly reunited best friends Owen and Makayla had planned to spend a normal day in the city. . .until Owen gets a call that he’s to remain where he is at Makayla’s house. In 24 hours, he will be picked up on a warrant and taken to jail over a business dispute that’s turned very ugly. How will the two spend Owen’s last 24 hours?

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