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By Y. M. Nelson

“Forty-Eight Hours of Bliss”

Longtime friends Owen and Makayla realized their true feelings for each other a mere 24 hours before Owen was carted off to jail. Now released, Owen sees a new beginning, but Makayla sees a confusing, hard road ahead for the two of them. With two arrests and a slew of future court dates, she’s convinced this is the wrong time to start a relationship. And then there’s that nagging feeling Makayla can’t shake–the feeling that Owen’s not telling her everything. It’s no longer just a question of whether or not their feelings for one another can survive a legal trial, but also a trial of trust.


“Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”

Original Edition

What would you do if you found out today was your last day of freedom? Newly reunited best friends Owen and Makayla had planned to spend a normal day in the city. . .until Owen gets a call that he’s to remain where he is at Makayla’s house. In 24 hours, he will be picked up on a warrant and taken to jail over a business dispute that’s turned very ugly. How will the two spend Owen’s last 24 hours?

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ANNOUNCEMENT about “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom”:

While drafting part two in Owen and Makayla’s story, a part THREE emerged! Look for part THREE of “Twenty-Four Hours of Freedom” wherever you purchase eBooks soon!

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