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The Accidental Series

The Accidental Swipe

Inspired by my summer online dating experience documented in the #MyTinderSeries blog serial, comes a contemporary romance that’s sure to keep you laughing and hoping that love will bring our hero and heroine together!

About the Book

A Dirty Romantic Comedy

Curvy, socially-awkward, and almost forty, Fortune lives her life on her terms. Well, except for her love life: non-existent aside from stalking her crush at the local grocery store, and one in which her BFF Louis describes her as being “painfully single.” Louis’ annual charity gala is three months away, and he suggests Fortune go online to find a date. Fortune resists, but after a bad night out she takes Louis seriously, goes online, and finds…her crush Graham in a group photo on a profile for username JR4019. And matches with him.

JR4019 is not Graham. Instead he’s Jason–witty, flirty, and “oozes gorgeousness.” Fortune can’t stop falling for him, and he seems to like her, too. So much so that she agrees not to pursue her crush. But when Jason practically begs his way out of the gala, she has to find an alternative. Should she ask Graham to be her escort and possibly end things with Jason? Or should she stay with Jason for a chance to end her painfully single love life?

Between spicy ramen, arcade games, and bar fights, online dating has never been this complicated. Or this fun.

Coming soon to most eBook retailers!

The Accidental Proposal

The story continues!

About the book

Jason has a girlfriend, but best friend Seth isn’t happy about it. For one, Seth and Jason’s girlfriend had a rough first meeting. For the other, Seth senses she’s is trying to drive a wedge between Jason and him. Can Jason convince everyone to get along?

The On-Purpose Wedding

The story continues!

About the book

Fortune’s getting married! But is her former high school crush going to derail the ceremony?

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