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Ears and other body parts

Since John Mayer said that his penis is a Nazi, my ear became “Anti-Mayer”. Instead of getting his latest CD, I downloaded Colbie Caillat’s instead. It’s like listening to early Mayer without all the drama that comes with him. I highly recommend her music for those former Mayer fans.


Idiocy is instead of going in a straight, well-defined path to an end goal, taking a curvy obscure, dangerous roundabout to the exact same end goal. Do you agree?

Anger and Krispy Kremes

It wells up from inside you like a burning lava rock that you formed somehow between your stomach and your liver and fueled by your thoughts.  How does anger do that? It springs up fully  potent, amazingly fierce, ready to be unleashed from its birthplace to spread its heat onto other (possibly unsuspecting) human prey. …

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What do you feel?

Someone asked me this question recently, and I had to tell that person “Something!” It was a positive feeling; I just didn’t know what it was.  Have you ever felt like days are just passing by you, yet you didn’t have any feelings outside of the small victories or irks of a daily routine? Sometimes I …

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The language of marriage

During the holidays, I was shopping with a friend I hadn’t seen in maybe two years. We had scheduled a weekend to hang out and catch up on what had happened in our lives since we’d last seen each other. She’s married and I’m single, which really doesn’t have any bearing on our friendship, just the way we talk …

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Excerpt from my novel

Thanks to some good FB friends for helping me over my writer’s block last Tuesday. The following is an excerpt based on that brainstorm. The main character, Victoria and her boyfriend have just gotten into-and then out of-their first fight, and she decides to journal her feelings. **** So I thought I knew what love …

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Jay vs. Conan vs. common sense?

In the real world, if people aren’t performing up to the company’s standards, they get fired. (And if they are they still get laid off.) They do not get traded or shuffled. But I guess NBC is not the real world. We’ll probably be seeing Jay until he decides to walk into a club with a concealed weapon and accidentally shoot himself in the leg.