Black Panther: A Moviegoer’s Guide to the Moviegoer

**Note: There will be some stereotyping in this post (denotative meaning) to achieve a lighthearted and fun (connotative meaning) tone. (In other words, get the heck over yourself, and have some fun! It's Black Panther week!)** With not just the highest pre-sales record for a Marvel® movie, but now the highest pre-sales record for any superhero... Continue Reading →

Career Self-Transition: Embracing being a Writer

Sometimes, you get to a point when a hobby is really not a hobby anymore.  You get to a point where you have to take yourself seriously if you want others to take you seriously. You get to a point where the work you put into something should be recognized, appreciated, rewarded.  I'm at this... Continue Reading →

Sometimes Change DOES happen

One thing we can certainly count on other than death and taxes is change. If you're in a career transition, trust that the eventual change to end that transition will happen.

Interviews Aren’t Just About Looking Good

I found this blog article from  Dana Manciagli on LinkedIn as one of today';s featured posts. This is a great checklist of reasons why you may not have gotten an interview callback. All of these reasons have to do with what you say, how you say it and why you are saying it. Our mouths... Continue Reading →

Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree: From “Adopting James”

Great blog article about the ways of the workforce from Andrew Toy. You’ve likely worked for bosses or managers who just don’t understand. I’m not talking about the inability to sympathize. I’m talking about a literal inability to understand… Source: Climbing Up the Corporate Christmas Tree

I found a personal essay about the search for an academic writing job by Emilia Phillips in today's Practicing Writing blog post from Erika Driefus. This personal essay captures the essence of the process of finding a writing job, a professorship, or both.  It's a well-written emotive account of the struggle and the sacrifice writers and writing... Continue Reading →

Today, I felt the need to revisit my previous post on career stereotyping and how you can overcome it. I'm  in the well-known place of needing to figure out how to remarket and re-brand myself  (since the last time worked out so well--sarcasm) to try to garner that elusive writing job my career so desperately longs... Continue Reading →

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