Reflections on the Journey

For the past several years, my career and my life has been one of transition: going from writer-in-my-head (and to a few friends)  with a day job to struggling novelist with a day job to unpublished novelist and adjunct English instructor to struggling novelist with a day job and adjunct English Instructor. I never thoughtContinue reading “Reflections on the Journey”

Making a Choice: How to embrace Change during Transition

When you’re in a career transition, rarely do you go down that straight path from old job to your new career. More often you have detours, and twists and turns in the road. Sometimes you have to make U-turns back to a previous employer or take a temporary position in your previous field to makeContinue reading “Making a Choice: How to embrace Change during Transition”

Thinking too Much?

While I am closer to the end of my career transition each day, I’m always thinking about my life. Not just little things like, what I wear to work or when to run errands, but I’m also contemplating the big things: quality of life, fulfillment of dreams, life-changing choices. A few months ago, my fatherContinue reading “Thinking too Much?”

Dealing with Others’ Transitions While You Stand Still

An unsettling feeling washed over me the other day when I got the news that an ex of mine had recently gotten married (another one is still a newlywed). The feeling wasn’t really about them, they’re nice guys who deserve happiness in their lives; the feeling was an unsettling feeling about my life.  I feltContinue reading “Dealing with Others’ Transitions While You Stand Still”

Starting the New Year with Old Stuff

Every time a new year comes in, I think about –not new beginnings–but old goals, things that I haven’t been working on in a while, projects on which I haven’t made progress. Sometimes we’re so ready to get rid of the old year, especially if it was a bad one, that we forget our old goals.Continue reading “Starting the New Year with Old Stuff”