Great article for people beginning Career Transitions

It has been a while since I began thinking about career transition. Here’s a great article I found on the subject. It’s encouraging and helpful in providing steps to begin. Make it happen because no one goes to bed at night worrying about your career

Reflections on the Journey

For the past several years, my career and my life has been one of transition: going from writer-in-my-head (and to a few friends)  with a day job to struggling novelist with a day job to unpublished novelist and adjunct English instructor to struggling novelist with a day job and adjunct English Instructor. I never thought … Continue reading Reflections on the Journey

Thinking too Much?

While I am closer to the end of my career transition each day, I’m always thinking about my life. Not just little things like, what I wear to work or when to run errands, but I’m also contemplating the big things: quality of life, fulfillment of dreams, life-changing choices. A few months ago, my father … Continue reading Thinking too Much?

Writing Teacher–Quote of the Day

Writing teachers and professors make the best editors. –YM Nelson, Adjunct Professor I just wanted to put that out there in the job searching universe.