Give a Job for Christmas

I was watching “the Good Wife” the other night, and on the show one of the law firms was interviewing new associates. It was a lesson in racial identity and sterotyping in interviews, but what really piqued my interest was the line of the woman who wasn’t hired: “I don’t need your sympathy. I needContinue reading “Give a Job for Christmas”

Career Stereotyping

So, this is probably not what you think. But it can affect people just as much as any other type of stereotyping. It  happens regularly in the work world, especially now in a generation of what I call “mobile employment” (people aren’t staying at one company working for the gold watch anymore–they move).  You want toContinue reading “Career Stereotyping”

You need a job, not a dream

Recently, I went back through my blog and found this post about quitting a day job to start a writing career.  It got me conversing and thinking deeply  about my current job search and writing career. I’ve had a very emotionally draining last few years,  but they have taught me a lot about what IContinue reading “You need a job, not a dream”

It’s OK to be Angry (or anything else) After Job Loss

I was leaving a store one day when a former co-worker called out to me. This was the first time I had seen her since the company lay-off, and I wasn’t really expecting to see anyone I knew (I never am), so I was surprised when I saw her in the store’s uniform. After talkingContinue reading “It’s OK to be Angry (or anything else) After Job Loss”

Friendship During Transition

When going through a career transition, your friends can be the most valuable resource or the biggest disappointment. As Americans, we tend to make our jobs such a big part of our lives that they affect every element in the rest of our lives.  Friendships are no exception. A career transition can leave friendships strained. FriendsContinue reading “Friendship During Transition”

Setbacks and being Left Behind

Recently, I had some nightmares about being left behind. Literally. I was left at a bus station and left out of a carpool. This made me wonder why I was feeling left behind. In my current career transition, I’ve had a couple of setbacks, so lately I’ve been feeling like I haven’t been making progress. ThisContinue reading “Setbacks and being Left Behind”