#MyTinderSeries: Unmatching and Judgement

So, I noticed something weird my first couple of days on Tinder. My matches were disappearing. Of course as a newbie--and an old person--I thought it was something wrong with Tinder. Turns out it's something wrong with me. It's a problem I've had for years. Over 40 years, in fact: I'm cute. Not sexy, or... Continue Reading →

#MyTinderSeries: Deciphering codes (or funny takes on crazy profile stuff)

After a couple of weeks online swiping left and left --I meant right *raised eyebrow*, I think I have an idea on the "Tinder lingo" in profiles and pictures. If you're thinking about joining Tinder from reading my wonderfully hopeful posts (*snicker*), here are some of my observations (without Google's help): If a guy is hugged up... Continue Reading →

#MyTinderSeries: The Men of Tinder (or what the heck is this place?)

I am fully aware that Tinder is known as a hook-up app. So I know that the men I match with may not be exactly what I'm looking for (like, single or literate). I know that it's is not eHarmony or even a Match.com, both of which I have tried. But some days on here, I actually... Continue Reading →

#MyTinderSeries: Demographics (or, why old people shouldn’t use Tinder)

I've been against going on Tinder as soon as I heard about it. The fact that people are just looking at pictures to decide who they want to get to know is disgusting to me. As a woman, I've been judged--and passed over --for my looks my whole life. Shocker, I'm not conventionally beautiful. Physically,... Continue Reading →

#MyTinderSeries, a blog about…love?

Recently, it has been made painfully obvious to me that I am a hypocrite. (This might have been a self-revelation, but still.) I read about love--I always have at least 1 romance or WF with romantic elements in my "currently reading" list on Goodreads. I write about love--my first published story was a romance. And I... Continue Reading →

Podcasting: Tell Me What you Think?

A friend of mine asked me recently "Why don't you have a Podcast?" My answer was "I don't have time for that." But really, I have no idea why I'm not doing a Podcast. Partly, because it seems like something I would need time and prep and a following for. I mean, doesn't this blog... Continue Reading →

Serial Novel Satisfaction

I love it when a series turns out right! For all those Sookie Stackhouse novel fans, you gotta love Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris. Great ending to an awesome series! I won't give it away, but I will say that finally I see true happiness at the end of Sookie's rainbow! I know that many fans don't seem to like... Continue Reading →

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