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Friday Fun Review: “Her Russian Billionaire” by Theodora Taylor

I finished this book a week ago, and up until now, I didn’t realize how I would structure this review for the best impact. But now I think I’ve figured it out. I thought it best to talk about just this book, and then…

Last day! Free downloads of the Owen and Makayla Trilogy

Today is the last day to get all 3 volumes of the Owen and Makayla Trilogy for FREE on Smashwords! What’s the Owen and Makayla Trilogy about? Check out the video below.

Friday Fun Review: “Dating You/Hating You”

I promise this will be the last of the Christina Lauren books for a while! The next Friday Fun Review will be from an indie author (like me!) Dating You / Hating You by Christina Lauren My rating: 4 of 5 stars If you’ve…

Everything’s Free on Smashwords! (until 7/31/19)

This month is the Smashwords Winter/Summer Sale. So for the first time, ALL of the Owen & Makayla Trilogy is FREE. Get the volumes you’ve been missing today!

#CampInstaWriMo gives you a sneak peek into my debut novel!

Want to learn more about my next venture–my debut novel? You can follow me on Instagram where I’m participating in @lauralarockwrites’ Instagram challenge for #CampNaNoWriMo this month (July 2019). (Only posted on Instagram and my website Insta feeds): View this post on Instagram One…

Friday Fun Review…filled with Controversy?

Review of Beautiful Bastard by Christina Lauren About the review (background on why I said what I said) I didn’t go into this in the review, because it’s been SO LONG since the Twilight phenom, the fan fiction craze that followed and the subsequent…

A little more about Author me

Y. M. Nelson Author Banner

I thought this post showed a little bit more about me as a writer (and a bad comedian).