#MyTinderSeries: Was it Worth it?

So, here’s my Tinder experience by the numbers. Weeks on Tinder: 12 Total number of matches: approximately 30-35 Super likes: 1 (and that was an accident) Highest number of matches at one time: 17 Matches who talked with me: 8 Matches who “yelled” at me at some point during conversation: 2 Matches who outright askedContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: Was it Worth it?”

#MyTinderSeries: Signs That it’s Not a Match

Now that I’ve “sampled” some of the Tinder offerings, I realize that sometimes people don’t know when it’s not a match. They keep attempting to make a connection for whatever reason, but it’s getting nowhere. Here’s how to tell it’s not a match: If they say “you aren’t listening.” For most people, just being heardContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: Signs That it’s Not a Match”

R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Tinder

I’ve been having a lot of morbid (read: self-deprecating) fun with my antics on Tinder, and it has been just that… fun. People are crazy, and silly, and weird, and I am laughing so much. But today, I had to put my foot down and be serious. Tinder Guy X, let’s call him TGX, and IContinue reading “R-E-S-P-E-C-T and Tinder”

#MyTinderSeries: The Online Silent Period

The Monday summer rain bathed me in little droplets of steam as I got out my car and headed into the office. I rode the elevator to my floor, pinning my access card onto my shirt then checking my phone as soon as I was in wi-fi range. Nothing. This is what I call theContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: The Online Silent Period”

#MyTinderSeries: Now I have to date?

So, I’ve swiped right and left so much I feel like a wheat harvester with a scythe. Or whatever horror story villain uses a scythe. (Please look up the definition of “scythe” if you don’t know that word. Don’t be stupid.) After a few weeks, I’ve found some decent (code: literate and responsive) guys to haveContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: Now I have to date?”

#MyTinderSeries: And then there’s me

I awoke on Sunday morning at 7:07, and couldn’t get back to sleep. I thought, this would probably be a good time to start walking regularly again. Maybe even get a run in there. Then, I remembered I hate running. Tinder’s making me think crazy things. Like I’m a morning person that runs. For funContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: And then there’s me”

#MyTinderSeries: Unmatching and Judgement

So, I noticed something weird my first couple of days on Tinder. My matches were disappearing. Of course as a newbie–and an old person–I thought it was something wrong with Tinder. Turns out it’s something wrong with me. Guys were unmatching me. It’s a problem I’ve had for years. Over 40 years, in fact: I’mContinue reading “#MyTinderSeries: Unmatching and Judgement”